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Thursday, November 10, 2005


New domain preparations underway!

New domain preparations underway!

This blog will soon be moving! Thanks to Blogger I got the confidence to start blogging, but performance (clicking New Post, for instance, often takes close to a minute to load) and uptime recently has been pretty poor, I think. and the final straw was an update at the weekend that broke posting from Opera - it would only publish a blank page. I eventually chose to sign up with the guys at BlueHost: BlueHost hosting

The new address is (hopefully the DNS is working), and I selected BlueHost as it seemed to be one of the best deals around, although I can't get their auto install of WordPress to work! That's another thing, I'm migrating to WordPress as the categories are pretty essential for getting the surveys organised and making it easier for the readers to navigate the site.

UPDATE: Finally managed to get it installed after about six attempts, both automatic and manual. Hurrah!

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